Informations de la performance


Evénement: Saison 18-19

Horaire de la performance: 13.09.19 à 21:00

Lieu: Sud des Alpes | Salle de concert

Artistes & Instruments


Nonagram revolves around the concept of a nine-sided wheel: at each point along it exploring the varied features of numbers or shapes. Through shifting time signatures, harmony and tonality the music explores incorporeal ideas of mathematics. Moreover, in an age of increasing political division, how these principles can unite or heal humanity. Taking broad inspiration from bird song to cymatic patterns, to the Egyptian Ennead and Platonic shapes this album will feel like a journey through a hidden world of abstraction. Lead by a propulsive rhythm section of bass and drums, the music blends jazz and hip hop in unexpected ways.
“As politics, science, race and religion are used to divide people, I’m increasingly fascinated by aspects of music that transcend cultural differences. For years I’ve had conversations about dark forces controlling the music industry and subjugated us as ‘sheeple’. It feels however, like we are on the cusp of major changes. Nonagram is a musical antidote, hopefully inspiring new visions of the surrounding world, and the human family.” ( Soweto Kinch)

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